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The northernmost Cycladic island and one of the closest to Athens, Andros is a paradise worth exploring. Andros is a picturesque island with rich history, a long and proud naval tradition and no landscape like the postcards from any other Cycladic Isle. It has a way to surprise and fascinate travelers all the time, featuring a quite unique mix of alternating landscapes with gorgeous beaches – some popular, others isolated, but all beautiful and unique with crystal clear, sky-blue waters-, abundant springs, lush trees, creeks, small waterfalls, culture, elegant architecture, nobility, picturesque streets, fragrant gardens and unforgettable sunsets.

If you seek serenity, you will find it through the peaceful rhythm of the surroundings while exhilarating outdoor activities are here waiting for the most sportive souls. Wander through the picturesque villages that boast narrow streets of cobbled stone and gardens full of flowers; visit chapels that emerge humbly from rocky headlands and forest glades; immerse yourself in the sprawling coastline that reveals sandy bays and hidden coves, all suitable for swimming. The island beckons for unforgettable experiences.

Agnanti Apartments Andros is located at approximately 5km. after Mpatsi at the area of Palaiopoli of Andros.  Rising above its surroundings, the establishment enjoys unrivalled views. Bathed in natural light, and enjoying open, airy and inviting spaces, the Apartments evoke a sense of living in the moment.

After a day of exploring the island of Andros, well-appointed and spacious apartments can provide the ultimate comfort. Let us guide you through the holidays of your life, while staying at one of our beautiful establishments.

Activities (off site)

  • Hiking (off site)
  • Water sports (off site)
  • Scuba Diving (off site)
  • Archeological Sites visit (off site)
  • Yoga lessons

Palaiopolis lies at 16 km west of Chora.


• The Maritime Museum of Andros, a must-see while visiting Chora
• The Goulandris Museum of Contemporary Art that each summer hosts exciting new exhibitions
• The Cyclades Olive Museum, a fine example of a small pre-industrial, animal powered, olive oil producing
• The famous healing spring “Sarisa”
• Picturesque villages like Mpatsi, Remata, Vourkoti, Apikia, Stenies etc.
• A vast variety of pristine beaches on the north such as Ahla, Zorkos, Ateni, Vitali, Grias and Pidima, or those to the south, like Agios Petros, Batsi, Chryssi Ammos, Fellos and Halkolimionas.
• The Faneromeni castle
• The Tourlitis Lighthouse off the coast of Chora

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